Session Rates and Description

Client Session: $140/Hour

In 2004 I began offering bodywork, massage therapy, and energy medicine here in San Diego after getting licensed as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist.

As I gained experience with clients and continued studying, I also gained clarity in the ways my skills best serve my clients. So in 2013, I re-defined my work and stopped offering traditional massage therapy sessions in order to focus completely on Energy Bodywork. While there is definitely an overlap among the healing arts, being an “Energy Bodyworker” most accurately describes how I work with clients…..joining with them to move their energy and create a shift in their life.

Feel free to text and/or call Marsha at 619-851-0188 or email with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Session Duration:

Each Energy Bodywork Session is unique. Our time together may be more than an hour. Of course, this will be discussed prior to our appointment based on what client needs and wishes.


Methods accepted include cash, check, paypal or credit card.


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