About Marsha


Starting at a very young age Marsha has often sensed when someone is not expressing themselves completely. Eventually she realized this sense of knowing is a gift that can be developed and used for aligning with others in their desire to change and heal their lives.

In 1976, she received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene at the age of 24. While working as a clinical dental hygienist, Marsha first noticed that she “knew” things about her patients that seemed to come through her sense of touch. Over the course of 20 years, she honed her skills of touch, listening, empathy, thoroughness, and an incredible ability to listen with her hands.

At 49, Marsha chose to go back to school at Mueller College of Holistic Studies, where she earned a certificate as a Holistic Health Practitioner and received a “license to touch.” Her training included the science and theory behind the body/mind connection as well as hundreds of clinical hours of hands on practice in ancient healing techniques.

After 16 years of practice, Marsha believes that the body never lies and that muscular tensions in the body are life experiences “frozen in time.” She believes that the shift in energy when a client chooses to release a “story” is experienced as heightened energy and clarity for a next step if the client so chooses.

Marsha offers her clients one service, Energy Bodywork. She is passionate about sharing her gift and training with anyone who is ready to change their life and heal.

You may be ready if your body is saying to you, “I am ready to let go of what is holding me back from living my life from conscious choice and celebration!”