“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD
Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Q: How did you learn to be a healer?

A: I have spent my life learning to be a healer. I have a healing touch and an ability to align and join with others in their desire to change their life and heal. My Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene allowed me to hone my healing skills for 19 years in a clinical environment. Later, I studied at Mueller College of Holistic Studies where I received extensive training in massage, bodywork, and the release of stored energy from the body/mind.


Q: What does an Energy Medicine session with you offer me?

A: I am offering to connect with you through my gift of touch and to  locate and release “frozen stories” that may be lodged in the musculature of your body.  I believe the synergy of our combined energies creates space for your spirit to bring the body/mind into alignment. The result is a knowing that you are whole and the power to act from that wholeness.


Q: What are the results I can expect from my first appointment?

A: You can expect to experience a renewed sense of self- acceptance and wholeness each time you come for an appointment. Each session is customized for the present moment. I find that most clients achieve a sense of completion  in less than five appointments. And many clients find that one appointment provides the change and results that they are seeking.


Q. Do you see clients for on-going or  multiple appointments?

A. Yes. Returning clients call for an appointment when they want a safe place to re-energize and to reconnect with their own sense of wholeness. And sessions tend to have a lasting affect. I never know when someone will come back for a session.


Q: I have recently gone through some challenging experiences. I am enticed by working with you and I have no interest in talking about my life. What must you know about me to do your work?

A: Only what you want to tell me. At the beginning of each session, I will ask you if there is anything you want me to know.  All dialogue is based on the concept of permission. The most important communication is between my hands and your body.


Q: I am very healthy. Why would I get an Energy Medicine Session?

A: An Energy Medicine session is a unique opportunity to witness the internal dialogue between your body, your mind, and your spirit. Within that sacred space of noticing, you can choose to release physical tensions, resolve mental conflicts and heal anything that feels amiss.    After a session, you can expect to feel whole, rejuvenated, re-energized, and empowered to take a next step.


Q: How does Energy Medicine allow me to access my unconscious mind and give me more clarity?

A: My hands-on work meets you where you are and invites the possibility of an intimate experience within yourself. I align with the release of stored information that no longer serves you. The body, mind and spirit are in dialogue as they align with each other…………… When the body, mind, and spirit are congruent you only have one true voice–the voice of clarity.


Q: I have some health issues. What do you need to know about me to do your work?

A: Only what you want to share with me. The only thing I need to know is what you want to tell me!


Q: I have painful arthritis in my hands. Can you help me?

A: Yes absolutely. I always assess the whole body to locate where the stored energy is lodged. My focus is always to invite the release of stored energy and to re-stimulate the immune system and re-awaken innate healing.


Q: What books and teachers do you recommend?

A: I have a list that I can email you.


Q: I read the “Energy Medicine Session” page on your site and now I have a few questions.

A:  Here are my answers for all three of your questions:


Q: What is the silent prayer you start a session with?

A: The silent prayer I start with is to simply say, for the good of all concerned I align with God stepping in for my client’s healer from within to be awakened.


Q: What is the spoken and unspoken dialogue?

A: The spoken and unspoken dialogue is the information exchanged through words and skillful touch.


Q: Does the energy healing help to release anxiety?

A: Yes, by inviting you to embrace the possibility of attaining a deeper level of your quiet self and to release what creates anxiety within you.



Q: If I have session with you and you awaken the healer in me, will I need to take some action to make  the changes that may need to be made?

A: Thank you for your question. And the answer is yes………always. There is always a “next step” and I believe our inner healer knows exactly what that is. When we experience whole body presence and the fullness of who we are, I believe we have the clarity, knowing and power to act and take a next step.